About Us

a team of passionate professionals

Who we are

We are a company which deals with consulting, research, development and training in Information Technology area.  We are born from the passion for the work of a group of professionals in the market since the early 90s, when Internet did not exist and Windows was in its very early versions.  During our walk we saw the birth, the growth and the development of all the technologies that are in common use today and  we have always tried to approach, know and experience them to be ready to meet the needs of our customers.  Due to our enthusiasm and our curiosity, we have always tried to project ourselves into the future, bearing in mind the situation  of the present in which we operate.

How we work

We are specialized in designing and creating custom software solutions, both in "Enterprise" contexts concerning the communication and  interaction with other corporate systems, and in more slender ones of small and medium companies, for which we create 360° solutions  supporting the management of their business processes. Depending on the complexity of the project we are going to deal with, we find the best methodology  to apply. For that reason, we don't snub a more traditional approach (waterfall) and, at the same time, we recognize the value of a  more innovative approach (agile metjodologies) in certain contexts. Concepts and terms such as SCRUM, SOLID, eXtreme Programming,  Test-Driven Development, Enterprise Development and so on, are now part of our everyday vocabulary.